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  • The Mighty Navy

    The Mighty Navy


    There are some pretty solid gags here, like Popeye using artillery pieces like a handgun to skeet shoot enemy shoots ("vault!") and basically the whole battle unfolding like a shooting gallery. When the enemy ships first roll up, the flag says something like "enemy name of choice" but then the movie makes that choice for you not only with circling-the-wagons imagery but by making those circling ships do an imitation of an "Indian war dance" complete with music. Had this been made a few months later, I guess those would've been Axis flags. Outside of that, it's a fun short.

  • How to Play Baseball

    How to Play Baseball


    I was looking for a laugh and apparently should’ve looked elsewhere. I think these shorts work better with droll or at least building narration - this guy was too into it and weirdly that made it less funny? The animation was good, but it’s not Disney’s best short about baseball. It will also never not be weird to hear normal voices coming out of Goofy(s).

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  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily

    Smh @ all y’all looking down through your monocles at the low budget this movie had to work with. As if lesbian films - especially independent ones, especially ones actually made by lesbians! - are so easy to get funding for. For every CAROL that comes along, there’s several continuing a (proud? Unfortunate) tradition of lesbian films that had to be made on the cheap because people with money/power figured the only profitable category lesbianism belonged in was porn. This…

  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily


    Don't let people say you are revising history if all you are doing is revealing and reclaiming it.

    To say this movie was a breath of fresh air would be such a huge cliche, not becoming of Dickinson, but it's the only phrase that seems apt to me at the moment. I admit I'm kind of surprised to have seen so many people here liken it to a feature length Drunk History. I love DH and realize it tells important…