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  • The Story of Time

    The Story of Time


    A gorgeously animated piece about a not-very-interesting subject matter.

  • The Relaxed Wife

    The Relaxed Wife

    this guy has more cartoonishly expressions than daffy duck/this was a good reminder for me to be aware of when I'm tensing up/the wife calmly reading murder pulp in bed was great

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  • Believer



    I realize this was Dan’s project and he seems like a great guy, I just....wish it had felt less like a vanity project. At one point in the doc, in describing his aim for LoveLoud, he said he was eager to give a platform to queer voices since he didn’t really have the know-how to talk on such issues. I wish that had been incorporated more here. There were touching moments from his family to be sure, such as when…

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor

    Me, an intellectual: *tries to articulate discomfort  with the conflation of queer womanhood with wildness and psychotic/obsessive behavior like dang there was some missed opportunity with Emily and Stefanie’s flirtatiousness at the beginning and instead we get a present if unintended perpetuation of the wild dangerous lady queer*

    My trashy gay ass: BLAKE HOT, ANNA PRETTY