A psychic told my aunt that I was probably Eve Arden in a past life and I’m rolling with it

Favorite films

  • Little Women
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Waitress
  • Wild Nights with Emily

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  • Ailey

  • Daughter of the Dragon

  • Mildred Pierce

  • Pride & Prejudice

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  • Ailey


    I could ask why more people don’t know about Alvin Ailey but I know the answer already. What a beautiful, talented soul and what an incredible opportunity this film provides us to see so much more of him. A touching tribute.

  • Daughter of the Dragon

    Daughter of the Dragon

    Here’s the thing. In this movie, Anna May Wong proves what an incredible femme fatale she could have been. She is terrific to watch! And I know that she did at least have the chance to play heroic leads in other B pictures at this time. But her villainy here is so tied to her being Chinese (not to mention being the daughter of Fu Manchu, as played by Warner Oland in yellow face) - it makes it hard to…

Popular reviews

  • Women I Love

    Women I Love


    There’s this moment in the film when a woman smiles up at her lover while resting between her legs and that smile made a brief distinction for me between what is pornographic and what just Is. Lesbian filmmakers like Hammer help reclaim imagery of our love from breathy girly gasps and clean-shavenness and giggling and shows us instead for the beauty that we have just by virtue of existing as we are.

  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily


    Smh @ all y’all looking down through your monocles at the low budget this movie had to work with. As if lesbian films - especially independent ones, especially ones actually made by lesbians! - are so easy to get funding for. For every Carol that comes along, there’s several continuing a (proud? Unfortunate) tradition of lesbian films that had to be made on the cheap because people with money/power figured the only profitable category lesbianism belonged in was porn. This…