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  • The Reformer and the Redhead

    The Reformer and the Redhead


    Ok, June Allyson’s 1950s hair might be the worst thing ever BUT she did start a fistfight in this movie for animal rights so this movie won me over pretty fast. It’s a bit longer than it needs to be (some bits wear out their welcome, such as Powell meeting Allyson’s menagerie) and the comedy’s not anything masterful but the two of them are charming and it’s a fun flick. While there’s a lot of commentary to be made about the politics of it all, the stony-faced Finns did me in.

  • A Garfield Christmas Special

    A Garfield Christmas Special


    Couldn’t sleep so I decided to throw this on. I forgot how perfect Lorenzo Music’s voice is for this character. This short barely justifies its own existence but the grandma scenes were genuinely touching and sincere in a Charlie Brown kind of way.

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  • Believer



    I realize this was Dan’s project and he seems like a great guy, I just....wish it had felt less like a vanity project. At one point in the doc, in describing his aim for LoveLoud, he said he was eager to give a platform to queer voices since he didn’t really have the know-how to talk on such issues. I wish that had been incorporated more here. There were touching moments from his family to be sure, such as when…

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    This was a gorgeous misfire for me. I expected to come away more emotionally impacted than I did - maybe Moonlight set my standards too high. Jenkins for sure knows how to set a scene, and there are some moments of greatness here, but it just never came together for me. I found my mind meandering at parts when I should’ve been hanging onto every word. I love character studies! But I don’t know - somehow I came away without…