“What did she do to you?”
”Everything you couldn't.”

The color scheme of black, white, gray and RED is so freaking gorgeous I LOVE IT. The movie’s whole look at once feels like an homage but also totally unique. The FRAMING. Ugh. So much of the script is just like a more foul-mouthed 1940s noir like all of Violet and Corky’s lustiness could’ve been so corny in the wrong hands (or ... mouths, I guess) but Tilly and Gershon are perfect. I still can’t get over how sexy Tilly is, like the huskiness in her voice?? Yeesh!

Usually I have a type I lean towards in lesbian films but I am equally obsessed with them both here. Scorching hot femme and sexy AF butch. Violet might have a slight edge because her name doesn’t sound like a goofy cartoon character reject. How tf did so many people sign off on “Corky”?! Anyway. I’m still obsessed with how lesbian sexual desire is put forward here outside of male mentality - aggressive and nothing to be ashamed of. My only wish is that that energy could’ve been carried forward a little longer into the film’s runtime. The scene with the cops requires so much suspension of disbelief (like if nothing else, a sense of smell must not exist in this universe) and I realize a lot of it is played for laughs, but I couldn’t help thinking I’d rather have spent that screentime developing Violet and Corky’s relationship a little bit more. It wouldn’t have taken much. The mutual attraction is deeply apparent, but the trust required For their venture could’ve been made a touch stronger.

Anyway, still a helluva good time. Damn.

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