The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer ★★★½

To be sure the concept at the movie’s heart has NOT aged well, and it’s such a bizarre conceit - maybe that’s why I’m surprised I laughed so much. To the movie’s credit, it had the potential to be a lot more messed-up but it kinda perfectly sidesteps pitfalls and lands some points. Certainly takes pains to de-romanticize the notion of older men dating girls. 

The quips fly fast and they’re lobbed by a really stellar cast. Everyone here is just really delightful, and I like how the romance between Grant and Loy was handled. He was charming without being a douche, and while it’s made clear that she leans more on facts than emotions, that’s usually movie-speak for “she’s a frigid bitter old maid.” Instead, she is warm and professional and funny. Myrna Loy as a freakin’ judge!! How great is that? And how great is it that nobody in the movie gives her any guff about it? It’s just presented as pretty normal and all the men she works around are totally accepting of it. That was cool. 

It’s kind of amazing how much staying power “you remind me of the man...” has had. I continue to be sad that Shirley Temple didn’t get more of a chance to break out of her little girl roles. She’s so good here.

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