Ms .45

Ms .45 ★★★★★

FYI this is up on Youtube, for free and in pretty good quality, under 'Ms 45 1981 full movie'. I'm sure it is the copyright holder who uploaded it as what sort of person would do that else.

If the copyright holder would like to take the step of putting this out in HD in my country (UK) that'd be banging and I'd buy it right off. It is, mystifyingly, out of print.

There's a lot already been said about this so I don't have much to add. The close-ups and music are so striking. Engaging in the truest sense really. The music is phenomenal, the costumes phenomenal, the lead performance goes so far beyond that.

The showdown in the park with the gang might be the most striking piece of filmmaking in any production of this budget. It's one of those moments that really makes you realise how much of the art of movie-making is just knowing the right way to arrange a bunch of shapes on a screen. With the right eye, the right sense of movement, any location and any scenario can become sublime.

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