Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★

The big mystery of TFC is why the rapid-cut action editing doesn't bother me. It ruins a lot of movies, or leaves me feeling cheated out of the action scenes the movie'd been telling me to expect. But it doesn't bother me at all here.

As best I can tell, while cut a lot faster than prior entries the actual information in the frame is usually worthwhile, or still cool. So I can buy it as a stylistic choice rather than a cheat. It doesn't look like they fell back those sorts of editing tics because they didn't want to actually bother choreographing good fights, and my take is that they were trying to overlay things with a greater degree of grit and desperation. Almost despite myself - cos it's not the style I favour generally - I think they pull it off. I still find the fights here to be good examples of the form, and I'd put it forward as an example of big shaky action done right.

(And it is kind of interesting that this entry has the most gritty, quote/unquote realistic feel of any of them, while being the most fantastic and OTT in setting).

Speaking of all that though, despite costing way less than its predecessor I think this is the best looking Resident Evil by far, and has some of my favourite visuals of its year. The burning tower and the zombie morgue - they kick ass. Gigantic cave? Kicks ass. Highway demon bat giant chase thing? Kicks ass. Upsidedown highway trap fight? Kicks a lot of ass.

They closed off this series well. This is Milla's best performance, and it does feel like a credible bringing together (and streamlining) of a pretty diverse series of films tonally. The way it closes out through a series of set pieces that recalls the defining moments from earlier entries - only now all scabby and ruined - is extremely my jam.

I love this series of films. I do wish they'd made another movie between Retribution and this one, there's def space they could've bridged but it seems like they tried to wrap things up by first stripping things back a bit. That makes a lot of sense. So I'm not complaining.

I'm looking forward the Monster Hunter but if that doesn't work out Paul and Milla please make more of these.

Here's a pic of my cat enjoying it:

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