Oldboy ★★★★½

Holy sh*t what an experience.

This was an excellent revenge film with some noir elements to boot. With plenty of style, a twisting complex plot, and great acting - this one keeps you glued to the screen from beginning to end. It was beautiful on all counts and really makes me want to see this on blu-ray. With the Canadian edition of Park's "revenge" trilogy on sale at the moment, I see no reason not to check out his other films.

A few scenes came off a tad too gratuitous and unnecessary which really prevents it from being five stars for me. Other than that it does a great job of having purpose and reason behind all this violence and death in ways I don't think I've ever seen before. I will be recommending this to friends as perhaps a new entry point to get them into foreign cinema. It's got a very western feel to it as is, which is now why I'm weary for a 2013 remake from Spike Lee. We'll see how it pans out but I see little reason to recreate this near-masterpiece of cinema.

If you waited as long as me and have yet to see Oldboy, please do yourself a favour and watch it now.

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