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  • P2



    Contrived, derivative, cliched.

  • Ichi the Killer

    Ichi the Killer


    Review to follow.

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  • Shivers


    I get that Shivers is a satire but that still doesn't excuse the bad filmmaking. If this film didn't have the name "Cronenberg" attached to it, it would be seen today as just another crap movie from the 70s.

  • Poker Night

    Poker Night


    POKER NIGHT starts out with a premise that seems promising, at least in the first act. However, the plot deteriorates as it strives to sustain its flashback-flashforward structural pattern in the second act. The two-dimensionality of the main characters becomes apparent as this structure gradually falls apart. By trying too hard to be clever, this film becomes a parody of itself by the third act.