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  • Contamination



    Luigi Cozzi on Contamination:

    "I actually tried to do The Wild Bunch meets Alien. I loved Peckinpah and I thought it was time to do something like that in the horror film. I wanted the audience to experience the pain of the violence as it was with Peckinpah's violence."

    God bless the Italians.

  • The Severed Arm

    The Severed Arm


    Modest proto-slasher with Philian Bishop's score doing a lot of heavy lifting. Love those eerie synths.

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  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    Magical. As a kid who was obsessed with the unknown, this beautifully evokes those same feelings of awe, fear, and excitement without wholly relying on saccharine Speilbergisms like so many imitators.

  • Bunny Lake Is Missing

    Bunny Lake Is Missing


    A waking dream. Gorgeous widescreen b&w. God-tier Saul Bass title sequence. Love the blocking and camera movement that was stylized yet natural. Some great shot locations. Creepy doll hospital! Even the forced Zombies musical cues have their charm in this fantastical British thriller.