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  • Annihilation



    Bears only a passing resemblance to the tedious and pointless book that inspired it - instead it plays out like someone skimmed a few pages of the book and designed a much more thoughtful, primal, and satisfying story based on what they thought was happening. The result is strikingly intelligent, cathartic, and deeply moving.

    This is exactly what Nolan and Villeneuve are attempting to achieve with their sf works, although they fail consistently because they don’t have Garland’s smarts as…

  • Road Trip

    Road Trip


    Sean William Scott is the only shining light in a wasteland barren of jokes, wit, and vibrancy. Tom Green is an affront to comedy, and his heavy involvement in the story hurts it badly. Probably the most interesting thing about the movie is how quickly its premise was rendered obsolete by technological progress. So there’s some nostalgia here and a smattering of laughs, but by today’s standards it’s dull and restrained, and even at the time of release it must have been pretty weak. Avoid.

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  • Black Mirror: Black Museum

    Black Mirror: Black Museum


    A mixed bag - exceptionally executed, as usual, and exploring darkness rarely seen in pop media. But it’s a bit scattershot and fragmented, and arguably takes the darkness a step or two too far to be satisfying. A pretty average cap to a mostly average season (for Black Mirror).

  • Black Mirror: Arkangel

    Black Mirror: Arkangel


    Straightforward, meat-and-potatoes Black Mirror, almost predictable at this point. Foster’s direction - while visually bland - allows the performances to add some weight to the themes (but not enough for them to resonate maximally), and the screenplay contains enough skin-crawling moments of classic BM unease to rank as “enjoyable” (as far as that word means anything when it comes to this show...). A comparatively minor entry in the canon, lacking the turns and depths of the show’s best.