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  • Hamilton



    not only is this corny beyond reckoning, it's also a complete formal failure. all attempts at a stripped back, unified aesthetic work completely against this. there's no set, choreography is underutilized, and they forgo any speaking parts in favor of making every moment of the musical a song. some of this would be excusable if it were arresting or complex in some other way - and i'm sure miranda thought the contrast between period appropriate garb and the industrial look…

  • HyperNormalisation



    This one's a bit frustrating. It tells an engaging story that draws interesting historical connections and makes me wanna read up on late-Cold War Middle Eastern politics but it also holds up quite poorly to scrutiny. He oversimplifies far too much for my tastes, even within the context of pop sociology/history. I often found myself silently interjecting that a claim was unfounded or unnuanced, especially when it came to his statements about the left. There are so many reasons the…