Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★½

Internationally Acclaimed Fujoshi Kathryn Bigelow Has Done It Again

(between a 7 and 8 on this one.
- it's got a lot i love but it really does not stick the landing. the shootout is brilliant; tangerine dream's score is great; adam greenberg wrote poetry with that damn camera - the whole movie's a lot of fun but man, curing vampirism has no business being that easy.
- could use about 10 more minutes of vampiric hangitude so you can see these charasmatic characters fully bloom before shit hits the fan.
- much like point break, the straight romance here is less convincing or interesting than the homoerotic "subtext" (hardly subtext here and pretty loudly text in point break). not to say that caleb drinking blood from mae's arm wasn't saucy but the chemistry between severen and caleb was way more explosive. caleb and severen should have made out, is what i'm saying. also caleb shoulda drank that boy playing pool at the bar. i woulda drank that boy dry)