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  • War of the Satellites

    War of the Satellites


    Terror of the Red Moon

    Despite the ambiguous ending, it’s still a real treat to watch some sci-fi where mankind is treated as essentially heroic. In War of the Satellites mankind is a tenacious upstart species that won’t sit still and do what our social/technological betters tell us; it’s why the aliens are so scared of us getting out into the larger galaxy. It’s a refreshing attitude to see. Too many films treat humans as stupid, fearful, violent, or selfish.…

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

    The Day the Earth Stood Still


    Saviors From Space

    The atom bomb became a tool of peace, if only because they have made the price of total war unendurable to all sane men. This revelation, however, was far from obvious in the early years of the atomic age. Average people realized that all previous weapons had been built to be used in war, and saw no reason why there would not be another war with both sides employing these terrible devices. The aggressive foreign policies of…

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  • Red Planet Mars

    Red Planet Mars


    Saviors From Space

    Red Planet Mars captures the core tension of the 1950s: a fear of nuclear annihilation coupled with a dogged belief that life is getting better and the mankind is essential good and humane. The two Cronyns exemplify the central duality of the age. While Chris Cronyn dreams of what a better place the world will be with Martian technology, Linda quakes in fear of what weapons this science will allow men to build. As she puts it:…

  • Rocketship X-M

    Rocketship X-M


    Saviors From Space

    Rocketship X-M is a movie with a message, and it’s not particularly subtle about how it gets delivered. Granted that message is a novel one, and as far as I know Rocketship X-M is the first film to try to deliver it, beating out The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) by a full year. The hand of God Himself has steered mankind’s first extra-planetary expedition to Mars, and He has done so for a very good…