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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    Holy crap, man. Holy crap.

    To think we got this because of Community: Paintball.

  • Boyhood



    Wasn't expecting to like this at all, but I did--it's bittersweet, seamless, and funny. There are a few moments that are a little too precious (a bullying scene at school, the mom dispensing life advice to a construction guy), but it's interesting to see Patricia Arquette actually progress and become a better actress over a decade. Linklater seems to have really lucked out on casting people who stuck around for the whole production (or if things went wrong, they sure did a great job of hiding it).

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  • Love in the Time of Monsters

    Love in the Time of Monsters



    Honestly did not expect this film to make half as much sense as it did. Fine work. Hilarious, gross, lots of fun.

    Splurge and throw some extra butter on the popcorn; you'll burn it off laughing.

  • Godzilla



    Boring people stories bring down a good monster movie; my husband will now be using Ken Watanabe's line, "Let them fight!" for pretty much everything. I prefer Pacific Rim.