my 7 year old niece

my 7 year old niece

a letterboxd for my 7 year old niece

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  • Twister



    “twister was so good that um the last tornado was so big that they um they ummmm... ok sorry i just forget what the movie is sorry. my favorite part was when the truck went in the tornado because that was so funny when it spinned. but i was really sad for the animals in the barn but i know it was an effect for the tornado. my final thought is um that um... i don’t know it’s kind of like charlie’s angels?”
    is it really like charlie’s angels?
    “yes! well not that much”

  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz


    “ok so i like the wizard of oz but beebaw (grandpa) said that when i watched it at night time he said that i didn’t pay attention but they were walking through the woods singing “let’s go see the wizard of oz” with the tin man and the scarecrow to go see the wizard of oz, then she gets the RUBY shoes and my favorite character is the girl who got stuck in the tornado BUT we’re at the drive-in about to watch twister and it’s raining so we’re gonna watch twister in an actual twister but not really it’s just windy and raining a lot”

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