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  • Fargo



    This will always and forever be my favorite Coen Brothers movie.

    I grew up in the real Fargo. Well, technically across the river on the Minnesota side as a kid but they're the same damn town no matter what anyone says. It's the only part of the world I've ever really known, despite not living there for the last five years or so. I don't get out much in Alabama, heh. Fargo, the film, is the only time I've ever…

  • Tampopo



    Ooof, another hot take from me! No one's gonna like this review!

    I think you need to be a meat-eater to really pick up what this movie is putting down. I am not one, so I struggled a bit. So much of the food porn that everyone praises this for is just lost on me. I can pretend some of it is made with tofu or seitan or something but it's much much harder to do that when there are…

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  • Duck Soup

    Duck Soup


    Hot takes time, I guess!

    It's.... only okay.

    I'm thinking maybe the Marx Brothers aren't my cup of tea these days. I really liked A Night At The Opera back in high school but I wasn't feeling this one. The brothers are obviously talented comedians with impeccable timing and quick wits but a lot of this doesn't work for me. Some jokes slayed me, like Groucho's "Take a card" routine when he first shows up and the constant failure of…

  • Bowfinger



    I caught this on HBO and kinda intended of using it as background noise since it was something I'd seen before but I got all caught up in it. I don't know if it's the funniest movie in the world but Eddie Murphy puts on one of the best comedy performances I've ever seen in this. Everything he does is funny and the way he distinguishes between the two characters he plays makes you realized how people could not realize…