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  • But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    This is one of the most fun films I have ever seen. From the beginning, it establishes itself as an extremely campy and really fun film. Telling the story of a high school cheerleader, who is forced to attend a conversion therapy camp, discovers she's gay, and starts a relationship, it is just a ton of fun. One of my favorite parts is the casting of RuPaul as the super macho camp counselor. Another great casting choice is Mink Stole,…

  • It Follows

    It Follows


    I got a chance to see this film theatrically, and have seen it another two times, and I will always jump on a chance to revisit this film. It is a very entertaining film, and one that is pretty effective even though it has its share of ridiculousness. It tells a relatively simple story of a monster that gets passed through sex, who kills the last person, and then will move on to the previous one. Our focus is a…

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  • Amélie



    There are not that many movies that I see and instantly go into my top 10 or so, but Amelie was one of them it is a fantastic movie.

  • Earth to Echo

    Earth to Echo


    This was a fantastic film. I would call this a mix between E.T. and Chronicle. The plot is very similar to that of E.T., kids find alien, alien needs help, kids help alien, government tries to find alien, alien escapes with kids help and goes home. What made this different was the cinematography, which was similar to Chronicle. One kid, Tuck, obsessively videotapes everything, and this leads to several different cameras, being handled by the kids, and creates a very…