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  • Ryan



    I got to see this theatrically and hear Chris Landreth speak, and I have to say, it was absolutely incredible. Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but this program featured seven of his shorts, from his earliest works through his work with the NFB, and it was incredible to see the progression of his work, specifically his work in the realm of psychorealism. This is an attempt to reflect the psychological interior of the characters through physical deformities. And here,…

  • The Skeleton Dance

    The Skeleton Dance


    While Mickey may have been the foundation that Disney built its empire on, this film probably deserves more credit for the expansion of Disney, and animation as a whole. This is the first film in the Silly Symphonies series, which were both a means of expanding their market, but also used to test various technologies such as three-strip technicolor and the multi-plane camera. First suggested by musician Carl Stalling, the Silly Symphonies would become so popular that every studio would…

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  • Amélie



    There are not that many movies that I see and instantly go into my top 10 or so, but Amelie was one of them it is a fantastic movie.

  • Earth to Echo

    Earth to Echo


    This was a fantastic film. I would call this a mix between E.T. and Chronicle. The plot is very similar to that of E.T., kids find alien, alien needs help, kids help alien, government tries to find alien, alien escapes with kids help and goes home. What made this different was the cinematography, which was similar to Chronicle. One kid, Tuck, obsessively videotapes everything, and this leads to several different cameras, being handled by the kids, and creates a very…