The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★½

I saw this film over a week ago, and I still don't know exactly what to say about it. The first thing to say I guess is this film contains no spoken dialogue. It is a film completely in sign language, with no voiceover, subtitles or spoken word. While this may seem to confound the viewing, I actually thinks it provides a sense of clarity. With no spoken word, you can concentrate on the action. But that isn't to say there is no communication. The sign language that is used does not seem that formal, but I don't know about sign language, so it is pretty easy to see what is being said. Now I guess I'll talk about the action, and this is a bit harder to do. I can imagine my response to this film being how people seeing A Clockwork Orange in theaters for the first time responded. This film is just brutal. It looks at a boy attending a school for the deaf in an Eastern European country. He soon gets in with the most powerful group, which leads to drinking, fighting, sex and prostitution. This film is full of action, and just a very harsh representation of life, but it is an honest representation of life and of the action, presenting it without any glory, but as what it is, violence that is harsh, dirty and ugly. Really an amazing film, and one that will keep you thinking for a long time.