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  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto


    This goes so frickin hard. Fred reminds me a lot of myself in high school :(. Beautiful all around. Need to study this for when i make a saturated and moody teen melodrama.

    Thanks for the rec @ Izzie and Dahlia! 😸

    Watched on Kanopy. 

  • Open Season

    Open Season


    Elliot might’ve shaped my personality as a child. 

    Watched on Netflix at the Dentist

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  • Anna



    What stood out to me was the way it used composition for emotional impact. The entire film had the subject off center (the bar shot was an emotional one in particular) and the final shot had the subject center frame. Probably not a profound revelation but I’m definitely going to think about the way I compose shots for emotional impact from now on.

  • Over the Hedge

    Over the Hedge


    Masterful. Haunting imagery. The origin of dreamcore suburbia. I’ve seen this film in my dreams ever since I was a kid. ALSO THESE CHARACTERS WERE SO QUEERCODED, i resonate with the squirrel. 

    Watched on HBO Max w/ Melissa using Scener