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This review may contain spoilers.

I have the most horribly mixed feelings about this movie. Its a puzzle made of pieces that don't fit. The first part of this is just too bleak, too dark, the grief is too palpable and it almost seems to revel in it. At least, it feels like there's no escape and anything the camera wants you to see it will show you. I genuinely felt like I was at a funeral for my own loved one.

It was something like an atheist ghost story, where there's no God or light or theology. No holy water or priests. Its just you and pain. It was really too much for me to "enjoy" but I was interested in how it would follow through. I was absorbed, at least.

At first its follow through was working. It had some of the most visceral supernatural elements I've ever seen in a movie...Guilt made physical. But then, at the end, it was like they realized they needed to turn on the haunted house theme park ride; Toni Colette needed to fly around the ceiling, there needed to be a cult, and some demonology! It almost felt like a non-sequitur, even though it was hinted at, it didn't seem committed to it at all...and what it did seem committed to was pushed aside.

I want desperately to know what the ending says about anything that happened before it. Does it say anything? Is it just the ~required~ crescendo for a horror movie? Maybe something like an absurdist wtf ending IS relevant. Family is messy. Maybe mom WAS in a demon cult...Why not? Well. I'm not sure.

I'm going to be honest that as much as I want to be a critical person I tend towards loving mixed up messes that I can't figure out. I don't think I love this but really I'm just not sure. I'm not mad at it. Hail Paimon, I guess?

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