Okay, yeah, McQueen is cool. I mean, cool. Enough so to rock that sweater into popularity, sure. (Enough so to be considerate, too.)

My other thought, you know, besides the car chase being also cool, is that it's interesting how the cowboy cop thing has meandered through our culture. Here, we have a cop who pushes limits, but he's up against a politician, and he does things by the book. At times, this loose cannon trope is more about getting the "bad guy" no matter what, meaning in the course of a film (not this film), the cop murders and violates civil rights and whatnot until the random villain is dead or arrested. At other times, the rogue cop is juxtaposed against a system that is unable to dispense justice because of its own corruption, so the cop has to take matters into his (and it's usually his in films, because Hollywood is America) own hands.

Here, McQueen's character has the air of this trope while not exactly fitting either of those archetypes. He remains within parameters (as far as I can tell), and he isn't on a killing spree. He isn't juxtaposed against a corrupt system, just a flawed one. (It almost feels naive, but whatever, that chase sequence is a lot of fun, and it lasts something like twelve minutes.)

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