Empire Records

Empire Records ★★★★

I have previously been uncomfortable with the depiction of Lucas, wondering if this weird performance was some neurodivergent mockery, but there's a line that stood out this time that reminded me it is very much not: AJ calls him out for being weird, comparing him inappropriately to Mr. Miyagi. So we have a casually racist line, but also, thankfully, Lucas is just a freaked out kid trying to stay calm in the face of losing $9,000 and destroying what he loved.

This is one of the most deeply flawed movies I love. So much. I don't know how I didn't have it in my life before. They coulda chosen a better reference than Karate Kid, though. We don't need racism here, thank you very much.

So anyway here's the meme: which Empire Records character are you? Tag yourself in comments.

* Loyal but foolish
* Looks good in a turtle neck
* Equanimous

* Traumatized but smart
* Visible angst
* Brave

* Wants to please
* Closet speed freak
* Sweet but capable of ripping your head off

* Hard knocks but kind
* A bit of a temper
* Good manager

* Marc sucks
* Goofball
* Secretly very innocent

* Inconsiderate but not malicious
* Musically talented
* Not afraid to share center stage

* Not afraid of her sexuality
* More than her sexuality
* A good friend in the end

* Brings you pizza
* Knows his music
* Drug dealer

* Talented artist
* Sincere but awkward
* Not afraid to dance

* Cooler than her job
* Smarter than everyone else
* Just wants something real

* Angry and isolated
* Needs a good family
* Not actually named Warren

Rex Manning:
* Bad haircut
* So much ego
* Your mom's favorite singer

* Dreams of being a toilet salesman
* Doesn't like kids or music
* Asshole

Older Woman Who Sings Rex Manning Like Opera:
* Unabashed in her love of Rex Manning
* Has a voice on her
* A dose of reality for your ego

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