Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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CW: non-fan response to this show, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, racism/white privilege, class, ableism

I have not seen all of the show. I never liked it. I watched this with my mom, whose main complaint is that the theme song didn't play when it should have.

My main complaints are
* the transphobic joke about the "man who's a man til Tuesday," which is NOT HOW IT WORKS WE ARE WOMEN FROM THE DAY WE ARE BORN SURGERY DOES NOT DEFINE US GENITALIA DOES NOT DEFINE US. Making it a joke--and thinking it makes you "progressive" to suggest a character is open to fucking a trans woman because of that pretense--is disgusting and violent.

* I never realized Michel was actually gay; I never recall it being addressed in what little I saw of the show. I don't know if that's my missing details or the show's erasing approach to his sexuality (I obv. picked up on the coding/stereotyping, but). Regardless, you never see any instances of homosexual love like you do heterosexual love in all six hours of this, and Paris should definitely have been gay what the fuck is wrong with this universe. Shoulda been so much gayer. The gay pride parade jokes were terrible.

* I am not into guys, but Jess is very good looking. My mom agrees and said that all she wanted was for Rory and Jess to have sex. Not marry. Not date. Just fuck. My mom should read more fan fiction.

* Is Michel the only black person in this?

* Logan is an Aryan poster child. I never saw him in the actual show, but I hated him the instant I saw him.

* Every Gilmore girl is so hideously evil to the others that I cannot understand why people like this garbage. It's continually sexist, devaluing the women throughout, and aggressively unlikable. I know people like shit with unlikable characters like Seinfeld, but I never could get into that and never could get into this. I assume it's one of those things, but all I can see is rich white privilege being... celebrated over and over and over again.

* "Why would you sit through six hours of this if you hate it so much?" Because I love my mom, despite.

* There seems to be a lot of characters making bad decisions just for plot porpoises, but maybe these all make sense if you've seen the whole show? The only character that made sense to me was Luke.

* All the meta moments were clumsy and bad. The celebrity chef cameos were all horrendous.

* We guessed the gist of the last four words halfway through the first episode, and none of us understand why it constitutes a spoiler to share them, given how baldly telegraphed they were.

* So did they name him "Kirk" because it rhymed with "quirk"? What an utterly obnoxious character design. "The town is so kooky!" No, that one character is kooky, and the rest of the town is kinda annoying.

* Make the musical sequences die.

* Why didn't Jess and Luke make out? Jess and Dean? Who or what is Doyle, and why did he get so much screen time? Is Luke's daughter a terrible mental health joke or another quirky character or both?

* Oh god, so much of this is bad jokes on terrible subjects. I can't even go into it, but it's all just a slap in the face.

* You can trace the success (or maybe health) of the various stars by how long their cameos lasted, basically.

* Wait, does it make sense to fans of the show that the rich, evil capitalist matriarch starts telling grisly stories at a whaling museum? Where the fuck did that come from?

* I have no idea what to make of the jokes about the maid who seemed to obviously be speaking Spanish that no one else understood.

* I'm too tired to go on with this, so let me just say that I am sad about Fidel Castro's death because he was a symbol of defiance against the onslaught of white supremacist capitalist imperialism, and I don't care about the nitty gritty reality right now.

So, yeah, fuck this miniseries.

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