Leprechaun 4: In Space

Leprechaun 4: In Space

This is the sort of bananas filmmaking I was hoping for. I got the bad acting, the idiotic plotting, and a dose of racism, sexism, and a crossdressing punchline, so it's pretty terrible as far as cinema goes, but I also got a leprechaun exploding from a penis, a spider/scorpion monster, and a convoluted interstellar mythology for no sane reason. This might be the quintessential bad, absurd horror sequel. Is it the first "in space"?

It was also rather full of more or less direct references to/ripoffs of Alien and The Fly. They're trashy, gross, and stupid, but at least we know the director's seen at least two good movies.

Anyway, the weird setting of this (other than "in space") suggests a fairly detailed interstellar political system, but we see almost none of it. It's probably just a few notes in the margin of the script at best, but it was mildly interesting that they went to the effort.

Also, there's a scene where a man with half a head and a female marine make awkward googley eyes at each other for about a full minute, and it's the best thing in the film.

October count: 2/31.

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