The Day I Became a Woman

I cannot speak highly enough of this one.

Three segments tell the tales of three women: a child on the verge of official womanhood, a wife racing on her bicycle to escape her husband, and an old woman indulging in everything she never had.

In the first segment, the young boys our heroine plays with eventually set sail at the end, an interesting contrasting freedom to her having to return to her mother and grandmother (her main playmate, however, is restrained by schoolwork). In the middle section, Ahoo struggles to win her bicycle race, which is also a race against the various men who seek to bring her back to her husband. And in the third segment, the old woman finally enjoys what freedom she has found in material excess, eventually sailing out to see with the boys from the start of the film.

The final sequence is the most striking as it steps just outside of reality. The appliances out on the beach inexplicably function, and the small rafts the boys have made carry everything the old woman has acquired. Everyone gathers to watch her sail off in the end, including Hava from the beginning.

It's hard to put into words, but it fits neatly together in a beautiful way that conveys everything without spelling it out. It's perfect.

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