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  • Empire Records

    Empire Records


    This movie makes no sense in hindsight, but it feels like it comes together in the end and that’s what’s important.

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip

    One of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Just absolutely repulsive ignorant bullshit, though some of these reactions are just too priceless to ignore. 

    Tiffany Hadish MVP.

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  • Night Hunter

    Night Hunter


    A whole lot of acting in this one.

  • Vivarium



    I was 40mins into this when I realized I knew nothing about these two people, because they don't actually talk to each other. The broad strokes of a relationship with it's requisite problems are there, but none of it is explored within the context of this absurd world.

    This is a short film masquerading as a feature. The last twenty minutes are cool, but not worth that excruciating wait.