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  • The Witches

    The Witches

    Intro in Africa is one of the best sequences I've seen in any Hammer movie but I had trouble following the goings on when Joan Fontaine moves to a small English town and takes up a teaching position. These cult movies need to have a great atmosphere which the fairly idyllic surroundings of this town don't gel with. This bit of IMDB trivia might explain why:

    "In a later magazine interview, Nigel Kneale said that he was dissatisfied with the…

  • Killer Party

    Killer Party

    The played this on TCM of all places and the description sounded like your typical 80's slasher so I checked it out. 80's horror is always welcome but 80's horror comedies? Generally I don't fuck with them at all and I don't think filmmakers had a handle of how to do the fusion until fairly recently. The only exception's I can think of are stuff like "Young Frankenstein" which succeeds by firmly picking a side (comedy) while paying tribute to…

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  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness

    As a young horror enthusiast (probably saw this around 10-12) this was one that left me cold, too slow and weird for me to appreciate. Watching it today I have certainly warmed up to it but I would not place it up there with top tier Carpenter films, and it's clearly the weakest of Carpenter's "Apocalypse Trilogy" in my mind.

    Carpenter has always been in his own league when it comes to the look and feel of his movies and…

  • Body of Evidence

    Body of Evidence

    Infamously bad erotic thriller is more notable at this point for its amazing imdb trivia page than anything that happens in it.

    -Madonna's acting coach quit just before production began, claiming that "she thinks she knows everything". (Believable and hilarious)

    -Madonna had five personal assistants for this film, including her own hairstylist, make-up artist and personal trainer. (Easily believable as well)

    -Two of Madonna's more infamous scenes (one involving dripping candles, the other requiring her to masturbate) were improvised.…