Not to be confused with the Albert Pyun "Blast" with Andrew Divoff, this is is the one where Eddie Griffin is a tugboat operator/former Navy Seal/former firefighter, oh yeah he's also got custody of a fully white son despite being a tugboat man who works on oil rigs (oh yeah he may have PTSD too). Vinnie Jones rocks a hippy wig as the leader of the terrorists who take command of the oil rig. Throw in known weasel Breckin Meyer and Shaggy (yes the "It Wasn't Me" guy) and you have all the ingredients for a thoroughly shit b movie.

Ok so it wasn't that bad but this is not exactly a good indicator of the quality of director Anthony Hickox's later work. A clear rip off of "Die Hard" and "Under Siege" this actually boasts a screenplay by Steven Souza who should know better as he actually co wrote "Die Hard" along with other action classics like "48 Hours", "Commando" and "The Running Man." He also directed "Street Fighter" and co wrote the 90's "Flintstones" movie so it would seem that not everything the man turns too gold as displayed by this movies muddled plotting that just cobbles together scenes from better action films.

Hickox does an OK job despite the obvious low budget and reliance on stock footage. Nothing is too embarrassing film making wise with the action scenes being workmanlike if rather boring. I like Eddie Griffin but if they were going to use him they should of put better jokes in there and the whole thing with him having a kid was ludicrous and stupid considering he is a single man who works on oil rigs. There is certainly a lot worse out there in the world of DTV action but that's hardly a reason to seek this out. Hard core Shaggy fans (I know your out there lol) be warned he is hardly in this damn movie and makes zero impression.