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  • Creepshow



    Favorite segment: The Crate

    Least favorite: They're creeping up on you. Pretty fun segment with some great one liners but not as strong as all the other segments. Probably should have ended the movie with The Crate instead of this. That way there wouldn't have been 2 husband killing their wives segments back to back.

  • Disco Godfather

    Disco Godfather


    I'll be saying "put your weight on it" and "attack the wack" for the next least.

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  • Dead & Buried

    Dead & Buried


    Overrated. I hate that word.

    That's how I heard someone describe this film recently. I'm not sure if they watched the right movie or not but Dead and Buried is one of my favorite horror movies . Almost everything about it is perfect. The effects, the atmosphere, THE ENDING!

    The last 10 mins of this movie really take it to a whole other level for me. I've seen this at least a dozen times and still can look away from…

  • Island of Death

    Island of Death


    How to turn movie night with your wife into movie night by yourself:

    Step 1. Turn on Island of Death.
    Step 2. Watch the first 15 mins of Island of Death.

    At the point where the dude starts banging a goat your wife will get up, while yelling something about how you only watch sick, disgusting, shitty movies all the time, and you'll be left with the TV to yourself.

    It's just that easy!

    That being said, I didn't care…