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  • My Bloody Valentine

    My Bloody Valentine


    A top tier slasher. In my top 10 for sure.

    I grew up watching this on VHS so I'm still not use to how much gorier the uncut version is. It's a shame that a sequel was never made but at the same time that makes it even better.

  • Blood Salvage

    Blood Salvage


    1 star for John Saxon
    1 star for having the guy who plays the sheriff in Basket Case 3
    1 star for the girl killing the alligator in a trash compactor.

    Watched this on Amazon prime and their version was full boom mics. Yellow boom mics. It looked like someone was trying to feed the cast corndogs.

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  • Dead & Buried

    Dead & Buried


    Overrated. I hate that word.

    That's how I heard someone describe this film recently. I'm not sure if they watched the right movie or not but Dead and Buried is one of my favorite horror movies . Almost everything about it is perfect. The effects, the atmosphere, THE ENDING!

    The last 10 mins of this movie really take it to a whole other level for me. I've seen this at least a dozen times and still can look away from…

  • Ghostbusters



    Yesterday I took my kids to the park. About 5 mins into being there a group of kids their age came up to them and asked them to play Ghostbusters. A moment later my kids and half of the playground was playing Ghostbusters. Some kids were ghost, pretending to get sucked into traps, and others were the busters. Oh what a sight that was to see and I'm kinda let down that no one asked me to play along.