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  • Picnic



    A couple of years after a 16-year-old (Cliff Robertson) and a 40-year-old (William Holden) attend college together, the latter shows up in the former's home town to sponge a cushy job and generally cause trouble. That's the Casting Problem. Then there's the Play Problem: it's pretty shitty. Apparently the original theater production was one of those spare set affairs with two front porches and that's it, and I just can't imagine how suffocating that must have been. But happily, in…

  • Onward



    I don't catch all of Pixar's releases, but those I do seem to be about death, death, and accepting death. And not shocking death like (spoiler!) Bambi's mother either, but a sort of creepy, insinuating, smarmy "Death is scary, but it's part of life. Just accept it." death-vibe that I find distinctly unentertaining and sometimes unsettling. I imagine these flicks will give me more succor on my deathbed, but in the meantime I want some MAGIC, damn it! Well, onward…

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  • Traffic in Souls

    Traffic in Souls


    As we come up on the centenary of the release of THE BIRTH OF A NATION, idiot media will doubtless trumpet it as being U!S!A!'s *FIRST* feature film. When nothing could be further from the truth.

    1913's TRAFFIC IN SOULS is an *amazingly* complex piece of filmmaking that capitalized on white-slavery panic that apparently spawned a whole *genre* that lasted lasted until 1915.
    My research into 1915's CIVILIZATION (1915) painted it as being the first non-Shakespearian film to premiere on…

  • The Furies

    The Furies


    Incestuous implications run rampant as Stanwyck spends the 1st part of this melodrama kissing Huston on the mouth & scratching his back. Corey is bland as the love interest her own age, but he should be: he's not Daddy. It's when Daddy brings home Mrs. Danvers as a prospective wife that the sparks fly. What follows is a game of rock-paper-scissors played w/the real objects. My fave Mann western. 9/10