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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    One of the greatest horror movies of all time! Everytime that gross little readheaded child gets her head blown off I jump off the couch and do a cartwheel and slam a beer.

  • Cyberjack



    Brion James has the best look possible in this movie. Very sexy.

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  • Emanuelle in America

    Emanuelle in America


    This has to be a perfect exploitation movie, right? It has just about everything; horse cock, snuff films(which look super gross), genital mutilation, about 50 pairs of boobs, probably 10 dicks, a lot of pubes, hardcore sex, softcore sex, jungle natives, fashion models, good soundtrack, etc.

    It just left out nazis, maybe a zombie. But c'mon...

    Thanks D'amato

  • Throne of Fire

    Throne of Fire


    This is a very heavy metal movie. A movie where you might need to get in your underwear and turn that budweiser box into a helmet of steel. Forge an iron sword out of toilet paper rolls and duct tape. Build a castle out of your couch cushions and sacrifice ancient marijuana to the prophecy of the throne of fire.