Annette ★★★★

"now you have no one to love."
"why can't i love you?"

not without its flaws, but one of the most invigorating and ambitious films i've seen in a long time. you just have to respect how bold this film is. you can tell how every actor in this film is so excited to be there. leos carax allows all the actors, particularly driver, to use this film as their playground, and we're met with performances and films we don't get to typically see from big name actors. bursts of creativity and originality like this are what movies are made for. it's not all fun and games, though. far from it. it's a harrowing character study of ego, fame, exploitation, and parenthood. the last scene moved me to tears. sure, some of the songs are a little long, and it's fucking weird even by carax standards, but i'm just in awe that this movie exists in today's cinematic landscape. and, above all else, it genuinely moved me.

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