Chronicle ★★½

dealing with development of new superhuman abilities between three teenagers who stumble alien artifact perhaps? they're not going to tell you what it is. not really important to the story though. they attempt to make you follow Andrew's "hard knock life" with his sick mother and father who used to be a fireman and now is just an abusive drunk asshole. are we supposed to empathize with Andrew? because i sure didn't. i thought he was another sociopathic teenage douche. oh, the poor kid didn't have friends? after spending even a brief amount of time with him before he got powers, i can see why. even his cousin doesn't really give a shit about him beyond the familial ties. if he didn't get powers, he would have been a school shooter anyway. there are some scenes that give the sense of what could be done by a telekinetic kid with a camera i suppose, but the CG is just slightly better than a college project by a film student with a C average who enlisted the help of a friend that missed too many classes in visual effects so he get stoned and play Call of Duty instead. even if that isn't your bag, you'd probably be better off doing that or maybe read some X-Men comics instead of watching this.