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  • Come and See

    Come and See


    I won't/can't even try to articulate anything intelligent about this movie but it impacted me in a way films rarely do. I physically cannot cry anymore due to being on about 400 mg of antidepressants (ayy) but the final sequence made me actually roll a tear. I had to go sit in the dark and just reflect for a while. mandatory viewing.

  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    extremely Fine. for a movie about violence it has surprisingly little tension due to how rote it all feels. none of the conflict has weight to me because of how easily every obstacle is bypassed. didn't hate it, didn't particularly not like it, just... Fine

    also come on guys, there's gotta be a better way to fuck on stairs

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  • The Bye Bye Man

    The Bye Bye Man

    why didn't anyone tell me there is a big demon dog in this movie. i just loved the big demon dog, that was there, for some reason. couldn't get enough of him

  • Relic


    god damn you hereditary for unleashing this scourge of half-baked screenplays that normally would just get turned into ugly bargain bin schlock that would at least be Fun, but no, now everything is ten miles up it's own ass & dressed up as ""Elevated Horror"" (which first of all go fuck yourself) and thinks that it can get away with Zero Tension Whatsoever because why have Characters with Motivations when you can just beat the audience to death with an overdone metaphor and rely on the scariest thing in the world, naked old people (????)

    tell me one, ONE personality trait any character in this movie has