Halloween ★★★½

Cinematography and music does a swell job creating tension. The editing and narrative structure balanced the film in a good way adding to the tension sufficiently as the film went by.

That said, I also found the cinematographic design messy, especially at the start. And as a person that doesn't get scared at horror films -- and I don't know why -- it leaves me rather unimpressed in the element of getting frightened, which does, with the rather illogical parts -- which I noticed quite many of -- make me take it less serious.

Being more funny then scary, Halloween is greatly and sufficiently narrated, well acted, well filmed and composed, and generally well done at the technical aspects, but still It's lacking in form of plot.

I can understand where the legendary status comes from, but I truly believe it's important to feel the emotional attachment to enjoy it optimally. Still, being well made, and with the liberty of logical flaws included it manages to entertain, if not emotionally involve me.

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