Be My Cat: A Film for Anne

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne ★★★★

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with found footage movies. When I go into one I tend to keep my expectations as low as possible because 9 times out of 10 it ends up being a waste of time. When I review some of them I normally state that it's an over saturated genre (which it is), lacking really fresh ideas, and that the grand majority of releases are tame at the very least. But at the same time, in its immensity, lost in a puddle of try hard concepts, I sometimes still find some that manage to impress me, "Savageland" and "The Creep" series come to mind. Independent efforts that restore my respect for the genre.
"Be My Cat: A Film For Anne" gets the privilege of entering the pantheon of found footage greats in my book. A movie that I've been avoiding for no reason, it just seemed to be so giddy and uninteresting when I read the plot, but alas I hadn't learned from past mistakes, I had felt the exact same thing before seeing "The Creep", when I finally gave the film a try, it blew my mind, just like this movie. A lot of its appeal comes straight from director and antagonist, Andrei Țofei, superb, and I mean really top notch acting, he plays the part of an initially naive and somewhat childish guy who wants to make a movie/documentary to impress actress Anne Hathaway to play in his film, so he hires some lookalikes with the intent to show her his seriousness as a director and his intentions towards her. Also, he speaks to the camera as if speaking to Anne, she goes wherever he goes.
Nevertheless, it doesn't take long for the viewer to notice that this guy is far from being sane and his obsession with Hathaway knows no boundaries, he descends into total psycho mode fast, achieving what ancient greeks called ékstasis. Needless to say, someone will have to pay for their role in the movie, and that they do. The ultimate sacrifice.
Although not a gory movie per se, and Andrei Țofei not being Mark Duplass, he doesn't need to be, what he is is good old fashioned demented killer, creep as hell, his part totally seals the deal for me. Outstanding.
The only reason I won't rate this movie any higher is the ending, it's not a bad ending, but an ambiguous one.

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