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  • Annihilation



    "from my rotting body flowers shall grow, and i am in them, and that is eternity."
    - edvard munch

    fear and grief and the unthinking heartless gorgeousness of nature; the horror and bliss that come with total loss of self. what a cold beautiful nightmare of a film.

  • Velvet Goldmine

    Velvet Goldmine


    i remember being absolutely awestruck when i watched velvet goldmine for the first time - it was like seeing my heart and my mind bedazzled and laid out on screen. the world that todd haynes created seemed like a dream world to me then, a million miles away from my life in taipei.

    almost a year and a life-changing move later, i still love velvet goldmine as much as ever but in a wonderfully different way. it feels so much…

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  • Moulin Rouge!

    Moulin Rouge!


    not sure what i expected moulin rouge to be but i sure as hell didn't expect baz luhrmann to throw a burning hot mass of pop culture and glitter right at my face, all wrapped up in satin dripping with crystals. there's no looking away from nicole kidman's red lipstick smile in this - but why would you ever want to? long live bohemia!

  • Ocean's 8

    Ocean's 8


    what an absolute joy of a movie! i love women and i love every single thing that cate blanchett and helena bonham carter wore! it feels so refreshing to have a movie that's so unapologetically fun, a heist flick that takes genuine joy in the art of the heist.

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  • To the Bone

    To the Bone


    i'm the ‪girl who sees keanu reeves and says "are you trying to turn me straight"‬

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    i was lucky enough to attend a screening with a director q&a afterwards, in which francis lee revealed that one of his biggest influences for this film was pretty woman to everyone's delight.

    other highlights:
    - the sounds of the yorkshire countryside are very key to the film; gheorghe has his own special wind sound that follows him through the film and remains after he has left, like an audio haunting
    - bird sounds in the film are also significant…