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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    you can drag this film all you want but you can never take away the electric thrill i get from wonder woman's first appearance

  • Raw



    "you taste like curry."

    not one of the goriest films i've watched (all the reports of people fainting are overhyping the truth), but definitely one of the funniest of 2016. it's pitch black anatomical humour and i loved every second of it (hot take: the finger scene is funnier than anything in the nice guys).

    the narrative can be incoherent at times but the visuals are there to fill in the gaps, blending brutalist architecture with wild parties and mounds of flesh. ducournau has an arresting point of view, and garance marillier is fascinating to watch as she unravels then pieces herself back together again.

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  • Stoker



    things Stoker invented:
    - the word "hello"
    - freezers
    - blood splatter
    - slow fades
    - piano duets
    - garden shears
    - visual ingenuity
    - saddle shoes

    (this film only gets better and better when you rewatch it)

  • Casting JonBenet

    Casting JonBenet


    i'm very fascinated by the concept of this film and the way it was executed - it brings together such different views, hate and sympathy and sorrow all blending together.

    it feels unique because rather than trying to hide bias, it is a film about bias; the lives we have lived affect how we view the lives of others and the undying speculation around jonbenet's death is part of that.

    i really, really appreciate that rather than trying to solve…