Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

i can't deny that Suicide Squad is a deeply flawed movie - it's already being torn to shreds and there are many things in the movie that deserve to be torn to shreds, first and foremost the way it treats women.

from a male character literally punching a woman in the face because "she had a mouth" to the TWO women hurt and/or killed for maximum manpain, Suicide Squad gives the distinct impression that the movie was made by and for men. which is disappointing, given the strong performances by the film's main women.

the film's graphics also leave much to be desired. it's disappointing to see the film repeating the visuals of its promotional clips; they're cool when you see them on youtube, but they look cheap and gimmicky on the big screen. ditto for the flashback scenes saturated in green and purple - they reminded me of early 2000s movies, and not in a good way.

that being said, i still had fun in Suicide Squad despite its messy writing and occasionally nonsensical plot. it's hard not to find Margot Robbie's exuberance infectious and her performance was a highlight - she's the beating heart of the film, and DC would do well to remember it. Viola Davis is incredible as the iron presence that holds the ragtag squad together, taking the strength she's shown in How to Get Away with Murder one step further. the screentime given to Karen Fukuhara is regrettably slim however, raising the (desperate) hope that she's given more depth in the director's cut.

now that i've actually managed to produce an articulate opinion on YET ANOTHER 2016 mess, i don't know if the homoerotic subtext between Deadshot and Rick Flagg was intended but it was THERE and i SAW IT PLAIN AS DAY. square up David Ayers give Deadshot a boyfriend.

(and none for Jared Leto. his performance was terrible. a pig DIED just so he could send it to Will Smith and his performance was STILL SHIT.)

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