The Glass Castle ★★★★

It’s hard to be in a family. At least in my experience. Some families aren’t built to be families, some brick is laid unsteady at the very foundation of them and they never quite regain their balance. Growing up in them is a not-so-successful balancing act.

I wish a great many things about my own, and I don’t think any of those wishes will ever come true no matter how hard I yearn. There will always be something skittish inside me, the thing that made me leave and put continents between us.

I cried so hard at the ending of The Glass Castle that it gave me a headache, just sitting there in my room sobbing and yearning, because there is no easy answer. There is leaving but they will always stay with you. There is forsaking but also there is love, there is tenderness, there is everyone trying hard as they can to hold the whole structure together even though the whole base is wrong.

There is difficulty, constant balancing on a fraying thread, and that is family.

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