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    ok pixar it’s time to leave the toy story canon alone!
    we all know you you peaked with toy story 3. 

    and is it me or does every pixar/disney movie character of late have the same eyes, it’s like they copy and paste. it’s just getting boring and unoriginal at this point. don’t get me wrong, the standards and how far they’ve come in animation is always improving and good but it’s just the EYES. they’re all the same. once…

  • Not Okay

    Not Okay

    if you use the words “zillenials” or “girlboss”, please stay away from me and fall of the nearest cliff :)

    as soon as i saw the “content warning” for an unlikeable female protagonist, my eyes instantly rolled to the back of my head. it’s actually laughable how much this failed at giving commentary or doing satire. it was as subtle as a sledgehammer. deep as a fucking puddle. so on the nose it was offensive to my brain cells. the…

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