BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

"I never used to think about it. Now I think about it all the time."

Only Spike Lee could have made a satirical masterful film on this topic that is insanely and shockingly a true story. Would have been a great contender to win best picture, but that would have been too big of a pill to swallow for some people I guess..... John David Washington and Adam Driver are just terrific here. I’m shocked at how funny this film is but maybe it’s because the premise is so insane and ridiculous, but slowly it does get under your skin where it definitely becomes more frightening. There’s biting commentary that gets the tonal balance right and everything is laid bare to the realities. Thought provoking, provocative, horrifying and sadly, relevant as ever. The end hallway scene/shot is a classic for sure.

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