Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

"This is the girl."

Alternative universes. The other side of the dream. The reality of the dream. Surrealism put to screen. When thinking yourself a movie star loophole goes too far.
The first time I watched this (which was the last time), I was very preoccupied with the plot of this film but now I realise it didn't even matter. I dare say, I felt like I understood it better. Sometimes you get a much better understanding the second time. A modern neo noir already classic dreamlike fantasy versus reality intoxicating haziness of the Hollywood dream. Some films you just know are perfect and you don't even have the words or thought pattern to actually put it into words because it's just brilliant. It's an experience. It's a feeling. You just feel everything is seamless and tied together structurally, mood, acting, setting, music, the whole look etc. that you have no choice but to just go with it, and you just feel that all the pieces slide together to make a masterpiece. I now realise Mulholland Dr. is exactly that. An experience you are more than willing to go on. It is always a good sign when you don't feel the long runtime because that easily tells you it is flawlessly paced. The best directing from Lynch I think he's ever accomplished. The cover poster for this on here gets me every time and tells you most things you need to know.

*I have to say, the first diner scene is a masterclass of suspense of the highest order. The fact that that build up of dread was scarier than the thing itself, despite the warning in the dialogue of everything you're about to see, is just incredibly impressive.

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