Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

I was pleasantly surprised to see Derek Cianfrance’s name pop up in the credits because although he didn’t direct it, his signature style is all over this in ways I can’t explain.
This is such a special film full of empathy and the unique way it used sound (or the lack thereof) was really smart and almost felt groundbreaking in some way. The way it was used as a way of viewing things completely from Ruben’s perspective and how disorienting it must be to suddenly lose your hearing. I thought it was pretty affective. I loved how it held back on using subtitles until Ruben himself came to terms with his deafness, so you feel the lonely frustrating closed off feelings he’s going through. Riz Ahmed is always a delight to watch, you can read every emotion on his face from second to second. I loved the playground slide scene. A touching performance in a beautiful film.

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