The Lighthouse

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This review may contain spoilers.

I can’t believe I predicted the seagulls pecking him to death at the end. To be honest, I was rooting for them throughout.

This was like a fever dream created by Edgar Allen Poe with Shakespearean dialogue. Willem Defoe was definitely giving me a lot of the latter (his speech was fascinating because at first it sounds like gibberish but you do understand the gist of what he is saying so it must be some type of broken old English???? I don’t know), especially in his rant like crazy musings. He was scarily good. Robert Pattinson’s performance reminded me a bit like Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood, in that you’re witnessing someone rapidly losing their mind. There is imagery in this that was gross, I won’t be able unsee for a long while that’s for sure. The cinematography was stunning, a great film to look at. It was a pure headache you couldn’t look away from with all the homoerotic tension and subtext, alcohol saturated arguments, the classical mythological feel of myths about sailors haunts the location.
I was just expecting more? The way they would fight like an old married couple was funny though, can’t lie.

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