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This review may contain spoilers.

jEsuz motherfucking god lord christ holy fuck, where do I begin?
As a movie, this is probably like a 4/5, but as an event and end of a literal era, this movie is fucking perfect.
Idk how spoilery this is gonna be but I can’t not talk about some stuff so here’s your spoiler warning.

EDIT FROM AFTER: This shit long as hell lmao. Probably my longest review yet, but it’s very heartfelt, emotional and personal to me, so I’d appreciate it if you read at least some of it haha, thanks. :)

Just like IW, this isn’t structured or paced like a normal movie. There’s only really one fight scene at the end, and I applaud the Russo Bros. for that. The basically entire first 2 acts are just about dealing with loss, seeing where the characters are now, and not just epic battles.
This is also the most bizarre of any Marvel movie, but I love it. Fat Thor, Professor Hulk, the list goes on. I’ll admit the first act is a tiny bit slow, but it helps us to see where the characters are now, and it gives us time to breathe after IW and get ready for the glorious third act battle.
I could honestly talk about this movie for days on end(game xDD), but I’ll try to stop myself lmao.
The whole movie is basically a retrospective and cesspool of references, but I love it. As someone who has loved the MCU before they even knew what it was, and as a huge Marvel fan, comic & movie nerd in general, I feel like this movie was made for me. There wasn’t a single moment where I wasn’t either smiling, almost crying, or having my jaw literally dropped.
I thought IW lived up to the hype and was full of surprises and cameos, and I was worried about that movie, so I got even more worried about this, but it surpassed my expectation and more.
The amount of cameos this movie had, like BRUH. Jane Foster, Robert Redford, Korg, pretty much every other important character that’s ever been in the MCU, how could I not love it??
I will fully 3000% admit that I am biased towards this movie because I’m a comic nerd, an MCU fan, and because this is a cinematic achievement that will go down in history, but I am glad that I got the be apart of this saga and I’ll never forget it.
I know I’m being a little bit too centimental or whatever, but I honestly don’t give a fuck. It really annoyed me when people started to turn on IW, which I still love, and I’m not going to let that happen with this movie, because I love it, and I’m not letting anyone tell me otherwise.
The references definitely made me giddy, but there was also an enormous amount of fan-service, which may sound like a bad thing, but I honestly think that’s what this movie should be.
Remember that moment when Cap nudged Thor’s hammer in AOU and no one thought anything would ever come from that and it was just a subtle nod to the comics? Well guess what IT HAPPENED MOTHER FUCKERS AND I LOVE IT I DONT CARE AND IRON MAN WEILDs THE INFINITY SOTNES AND FALCON BEFOMES CAP AND CAP GETS HIS LAST DANCE AND CAP GETS OLD JESUS IDC IF ITS ALL OBVIOUS FAN SERVICE CUz I FUCKING LOOOVEIIIITTT.
Oof. Sorry about that, just had to get that out there.
And the new suits. The Quantem realm suits are actually pretty cool, Iron Man’s new suit is pretty epic (even tho they never explain it enough like Prof. Hulk also (but idgaf also lol)), Cap finally gets his scale armour and it looks amazing, Rocket gets his classic suit... ugh...
The CGI is also pretty great for the most part, the worst CGI is still great and it’s not as noticeable as IW’s worst I’d say. Thanos is still phenomenal tho, I still don’t understand why that didn’t win the best SFX Oscar. Also when is Hollywood gonna accept that CGI characters are just as good if not better and require more talent than most ‘normal’ acting?
Anyway lmao, the humour’s placed better and is a little funnier than IW, even tho none of them are like really funny. I think there’s less jokes but even if there aren’t they’re at least not as annoying/distracting.
I know this movie basically reversed IW and ruins the entire timeline cuz nothing really makes sense anymore and the time travel rules they try to put in place don’t really line up and get pretty much disregarded, but like I said - I don’t care. Because that’s not what this movie’s about, it’s an end to the infinity saga and it does it right. Our heroes get a happy ending and somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow, all of these 22 movies come together to form a somewhat cohesive and phenomenal film that I still feel like I don’t deserve.
Alright I’m done being a fanboy, I should probably end this, but I’ll say a few more things:
- Captain Marvel didn’t annoy me as much as I thought she would, her 2 new suits were cool and the short hair was a nice reference. She’s still overpowered and I was kinda annoyed when it seemed like she was gonna save the day in the end battle; but it didn’t really matter since the big three still got the last hits on Thanos.
- Although the A-Force part did seem a little forced, I didn’t mind it and I would actually kinda like to see a movie of that, it seemed fun, and it was already hinted at in IW so 🤷‍♂️.
- Black Widow dying was pretty sad and I love Scarjo (not just because she’s beautiful, she also has a wonderful personality (she actually does that wasn’t sarcasm lol)) so rip.😓
- The Joe Russo cameo was pretty cool, also he was supposed to be gay which was epic because it wasn’t forced it was just accepted and not made a big deal and that’s how equality should be shown in movies imo.
- Bro the whole like 30-40min or however long minute end battle (idek) was literally like a wet dream lmao. Not just because of the fan service, but the action was also great. The first long shot when it begins, when everyone comes back and there’s huge armies, Cap using the Hammer, when Cap stands alone facing the entirety or Thanos’ army... I want to get that shit on my wall cuz it was beautiful. Bruh moments all around
- Just like IW was Iron Man’s movie, this was Cap’s. I’m glad it was after he was kinda a let down in IW, but it definitely payed off.
- That elevator scene with Cap was also great. Referencing not only one of the best MCU fight scenes, but also the Russos’ first MCU movie... hard to believe how far they’ve come in only 5 years... And the ‘Hail Hydra’ line was a nice little reference to the recent Cap comics that everyone loves so much.
- I love how the movie started with Clint and he was the first Avenger to sign his name at the end part (which was also epic btw). He got the role he deserved. So did Ant-Man tho, glad the two absent from IW got significant roles this time.
- I almost cried at least like 10 times during this, no joke. Not just because of the deaths, but just because of how surreal it felt. The final battle when everyone came out the portals had me tearing up more than the deaths lmao, and I’m not a person who cries at movies... like ever.
- The last Stan Lee cameo. I’m kinda sad it was so short and somewhat insignificant, but I prefer it to any form of CGI cameo, which I hope and assume they’ll never do. Rest in peace, and most importantly, Thank you, Stan.

This franchise started with Tony, and it ended with Tony. I know there’ll be more MCU movies for basically forever, but I honestly don’t know where they’ll go with it, but I have faith, and I thank everyone involved for this incredible journey.
The long funeral shot was a great ending to this absolute cinematic achievement or a movie and a franchise, showing every character finally having a happy ending, even if they have more sequels to come.
Thank you Robert, thank you Evans, thanks Jon Favreau, thanks Joss, thanks Joe & Anthony, thanks Feige, and thanks Stan. Thank you to everyone involved in this.
I know this whole thing has basically been me gushing about how amazing and surreal this whole franchise is, but I can’t help it, I need to let my emotions out. But just as this movie was a somewhat retrospective of this whole franchise, so is this review for me.
I don’t deserve to have these movies and the fact that it’s normal for anyone to see an Avengers movie now is really special, and I’m infinitely thankful to be able to have this in my life.

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