Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket ★★★★

Isolation Log Day 3:

Just gonna start by saying I’m completely ripping off the isolation corona log thing from my boi HudsonWT so shoutout and credit to him cuz I liked the idea lmao.

Anyway, great film. Feels nice to get back into the swing of things and back to watching more Kubrick, though I’ll admit this doesn’t feel like most of his other work, to me at least.
It almost sort of feels like 2 different movies, both of which don’t exactly have that much of a plot, but I don’t think it’s totally necessary as the film obviously tries to focus more on the characters and message of human duality and what not that it’s conveying, rather than the actual story.
Seems like a lot, even the majority of Kubrick’s films show themes of what or how humans are and act in some way or another, while telling a message. This one definitely pushes that a lot less subtly than others though I feel like it doesn’t totally make up for the lack of story.
The special effects are pretty great, as well as the camerawork. The cinematography’s also really beautiful at points, while still showing the violent, authentic nature of war. There’s a lot of fun, smart humour too, not just from Joker but visually also.
I did enjoy it but it left me wanting a little more, so it’s close to 4.5.

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