Spartacus ★★½

Isolation Log Day 4:

I mean... it’s quite a fucking slog. There’s some movies that don’t feel like their runtime but this one definitely did, it could’ve been cut in half easily. I don’t know the entire backstory of the production process on this but I do know that Kubrick was basically hired and didn’t have full control, which really shows.
It’s not terrible, but it’s incredibly dated, cheesy, simple and tbh really fucking boring for a lot of it. 
The score has its moments, the costumes/makeup is pretty good, there’s some nice background paintings (though it’s still very obvious that a lot of it was done in a studio) and some of the set-pieces are pretty impressive for the time. Along with this, there’s a few intimate character moments which are nice, however they don’t really make up for the fact that the rest of the movie in between them is just really... nothing.
It’s an interesting watch but I really wasn’t even invested or engaged by the end and I don’t think I’ll rewatch it any time soon.

RIP Kirk Douglas.

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