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  • Welcome to Chechnya

    Welcome to Chechnya


    Watched this as part of the Oslo/Fusion festival of queer cinema and whilst from a cinematic perspective it's not the most captivating film, it's a very important documentary showing the mistreatment of LGBT+ Russian citizens. Not for the faint of heart; there is some heavy video footage in there.

  • My Name Is Baghdad

    My Name Is Baghdad


    Watched this as part of the Oslo/Fusion 2020 film festival of queer cinema. The film was interesting. I liked it in parts, but felt like it was struggling to tie it all together. Everything led up to one confrontational scene. It was emotional.

  • One in a Thousand

    One in a Thousand


    I watched this movie film as part of Oslo/Fusion festival - a celebration of queer cinema. And, well, this film was the art house cinema style I expected. It was a bit of a ramble through the window of someone else's lives with an abrupt ending. I quite liked it.

    My friend - who happens to be a lesbian - was keen to see a "lesbian coming of age story" but was left disappointed that there was more gay anal and oral sex in the first ten minutes of the film than there was lesbian sex scenes in the entire movie.

  • For Sama

    For Sama


    Watched this film as part of the Human 2020 film festival in Oslo. It’s some pretty intense viewing.