Nicolas Rey

Imaginary conversation between Michael Snow and Marguerite Durasby Nicolas Rey

In 1978, Michael Snow and Marguerite Duras met for the first time when Snow came to Paris for a solo exhibition at La Centre Pompidou. Duras had just finished work on "Le Camion" while Snow had completed the films "Wavelength", "La Région Centrale" and "Rameau’s Nephew". Neither one had seen each other’s work.

Dominique Noguez, with the intention of writing an article that was never completed, initiated a meeting between the two at Neauphle-le-Château and transcribed the ensuing conversation. The following is an excerpt…

M. Duras: They say that you are the champion of combinatronics. So, according to you then, cinema would be a random machine? According to you, cinema…

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