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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    "You don't ever have to do anything sensational for people to love you."

    Truly the greatest and most compassionate man ever to live, and an educator whose presence now more than ever would have benefited society. One of the most impactful films I've ever seen, and one that won't be leaving my head any time soon. Please, if you have the opportunity, go see this.

  • American Movie

    American Movie

    ... are you sure this wasn't an episode of Documentary Now?

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water

    For like 75% of this movie I had the biggest fucking smile on my face, and the rest of the time I was holding my breath on the edge of my seat. Deserves all the awards possible.

  • The Room

    The Room

    Watched this at a midnight showing, and Tommy Wiseau himself was there. It was just as surreal as you'd imagine it would be.