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  • Utopia



    Utopia. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their first film in years. Stan inherits a yacht and a pacific island. The pair sail with two other men but are shipwrecked on an atoll. When more and more people come to visit their island the real problems are just starting. Laurel and Hardy didn´t had such an output in the early 50ies. At least not like in the 30ies or early 40ies. The gags aren´t as funny anymore, but this is still an entertaining flick. Just not as good as their classics....

  • The Flying Deuces

    The Flying Deuces


    The Flying Deuces. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. They both had great films over the years, but i think this is one of their best. Ollie falls in love with a married woman. As soon as he finds out that she is married he wants to kill himself (and Stan too of course). They are "rescued" by the husband of Ollies love interest and he tells Ollie that they should join Foreign Legion to forget the woman. Well, as soon…

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    "Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go!"

    I can´t get the Queen-songs out of my head, since i saw "Bohemian Rhapsody". It is just "THE" Feel-Good-movie. Everyone knows Queen. The Band was perhaps the biggest band ever and i don´t think even the most "Hardcore-genre-music-type-guy" didn´t like at least some songs of them. But what about the movie itself? Did Rami Malek managed to put on a Freddie Mercury Show? Yes, he did. I hope he wins an…

  • The Void

    The Void


    Well. I´m pretty impressed. I am not often impressed by horror-movies nowadays, but i liked the mixture of "The Void". You can cleary see where they wanted to go with this. It reminded me a lot of movies like Carpenters "The Thing" or Clive Barkers "Hellraiser". Creature effects meet Cenobytes. I also enjoyed, that they established a new mythology in the horror-genre. I would like to see more of it in future sequels.